• Support tribal families for enhancing their pepper and ginger production and productivity by establishing local production units of bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers for containing the pest and diseases affecting pepper and ginger and by ensuring the enhanced local production and supply of quality planting materials of pepper, ginger and plants used in herbal pesticide preparation through decentralized nurseries;
  • Improve the income of tribal families by establishing value addition units of pepper and ginger for enhancing the income base of tribal farm families with emphasized focus on tribal women
  • Generate public awareness on sustainable farming practices for ensuring the production of quality agriculture produces


A Network Project Supported by National Medicinal Plants Board

Funding Partner

Year : 2008-2009

Partners :

IIN India – Small Grand Scheme

Year : 2004-2006


  • Identification of innovative approaches that effectively link conservation of
  • endangered species with the improvement of livelihoods of the poor.
  • Increased availability of 10 most needful plant species to communities/ industries
  • by ensuring the conservation of its wild resource base and ex-situ levels.
  • Enhanced food, health and livelihood security of forest- dwelling communities
  • through the utilization of the prioritized species.
  • Improved awareness of local institutions and policymaking set ups on
  • conservation and sustainable use of the 10 species selected.

Funding Partner