Launched 12 Fish Processing Enterprising Units at Ernakulam

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HDFC Bank’s CSR- Parivartan implemented by M S Swaminathan Research Foundation officially launched the 12 Primary fish processing units by Sri. Ullas Thomas President, Ernakulam, District panchayat, at Ernakulum district on Wednesday, 30th November 2022. Representatives of Local Self Governments and the stakeholders of the program participated in the event.

Parivartan has set up 12 primary fish processing units in 10 villages in Ernakulum. Five-membered woman groups were identified, organized, and trained in fish processing, product making, and marketing with the technical help of the ICAR – Central Institute of Fisheries Technology. Necessary machinery was also provided to the groups which included a solar dryer, deep freezer, fish-cutting table, weighing and sealing machines, etc.


Ernakulum district has 21 fishing villages along its coastal line of around 46 km. A considerable population here in the villages depends on fishing for their livelihood, in one of the most natural disaster-prone districts of the state. Over the years the area is under the grip of impacts of climate-change-induced natural calamities. The changes in monsoon patterns and characteristics indicate global warming aftershocks in the whole district and the people are left vulnerable. Drastic weather changes and frequent seasonal calamities along with the pandemic have adversely affected the livelihood of the people. Since 2018, agriculture, fisheries, and tourism, the major livelihood opportunities of the area are worst-affected and under serious threat. A large percentage of the rural population, especially women remained unemployed after the pandemic and many households lost their livelihood means.

On Background of this, the HDFC Bank’s CSR initiative Parivartan implemented by M S Swaminathan Research Foundation brought up an initiative that aims to improve the livelihoods and economic security of rural women and restore and/or protect the farm production capacities and off-farm income-generating activities to create a positive impact on their disaster reliance. Parivartan program comes up with setting up 12 primary fish processing units in 10 villages in Ernakulum

The exhibition stall was inaugurated by Sri. K. Bindu Mol, Deputy Collector Ernakulam, Disaster Management. Smt. V.A. Prabhavathy teacher, Chairperson, Paravur Muncipality Presided over the function. Dr.George Ninan Director, of the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, was the chief guest of the program. Dr. V. Shakeela, Director, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, Sri. Yesudas Parapilly, Member, District Panchayat, Sri. Sharon Panakkal, Member, District Panchayat, Smt. Kochurani Joseph, President, Varapuzha, Grama Panchayat, Smt. Aseena AbdulSalam President, Edavanakkad, Grama panchayat, Sri. V.K. Iqbal, Vice president, of Edavanakkad, Grama panchayat, and Sri .Vincent, President, Eezhikkara, Grama panchayat, spoke at the occasion.