Dr Vipindas P

Programme Professional

Dr Vipindas P. is currently working as Programme Professional at Community Agro biodiversity Centre (MSSRF – Wayanad). He holds a Master of Arts degree in Rural and Tribal Sociology and currently is pursuing part time Ph.D. and is researching on “Livelihood and Health Status of Paniya Community of Wayanad Since 1960s”. He has received Netherlands Fellowship for short course titled “Monitoring, evaluation and Impact assessment of food and nutrition security programmes” in 2016. He is currently engaged in the area of Nutrition and Health of Adivasis of Wayanad and has expertise in social mobilisation, research and execution of development activities. His area of interest also includes documenting tribal culture, practices and traditional knowledge. He is well equipped through different capacity enhancement processes both in International and National level to accomplish the responsibilities assigned. In the area of research he has presented three papers in national and international forums.

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