Mr Vipindas P,participated in the short course on “monitoring,evaluation and impact assessment of food and nutrition security programs June 6.2016 to June 24..2016 at Center for Development Innovations,Wageningen University,the Netherlands .The course is envisaged to enhance the capacity of development practitioners and academicians in the area planning,designing and implementing various M&E and Impact Assessment methods.

Research Methodology Course Conducted by CSD Hyderabad from November 4-15, 2014

I was participated in research methodology course conducted by CSD Hyderabad from November 4-15, 2014. This is one of the prestigious institution conducting research methodology course in social science across India. I was selected from 350 applicants from different parts of the country and also one and only participant from the part of NGOs among 25 participants. Participants were heterogeneous in nature both in the case of location and their disciplines.21 academicians from different academic institutions and reputed research centres delivered their discourse during the 10 days programme. We were able to make the best use of the hospitality and able to utilise the libraries of reputed institutions like National Institute Of Rural Development, Regional Centre, Tata Institute of Social Science, Hyderabad. The field trip for application of learned methods and presentation of field report helped us to understand the difficulties in application level and experts from different field clarified our queries.

My New Learnings

  • Social science research always  a little  complex than pure science research because of its overlapping tendency and result occurred in accordance with researchers perception that may be differ from one researcher to another.
  • Theoretical understanding and historical analysis of particular issue is very important in social science research.
  • Path dependency research method is easy way but should avoid in research, don’t put our emotions in writings but put communities emotion with rationality.
  • Choosing of methodologies always depends on your issues of study and its results arise from each methodology varies in accordance with issue.
  • Deeper understanding of laws, norms, taboos existing /existed in a particular society related to the study is very important.

Vipindas P