Education on Biodiversity: Together We Can Make a Difference…

Biodiversity compliments the variety of life on Earth. It comprises of genetic, species and ecosystems diversity which are the bases of sustainable human development. Likewise, education is crucial in bringing about sustainability in development. Mainstreaming biodiversity into education is vital for the very existence of the human race on this planet.

The ‘Young Army’ in Biodiversity Conservation.

Education on biodiversity programme is intended for children and youth in the rural and tribal settings and encourages the youth to get actively involved in biodiversity conservation activities. They are asked to maintain biodiversity conservation traditions, learn modern science and technologies to motivate and to blend with traditional knowledge and come up with local specific solutions to evade erosion of biodiversity. A combination of child-friendly methodology and Information Communication Technology are used to impart knowledge on biodiversity and natural resources and Increase the quality of learning in environmental education.

Every Child a Scientist (ECAS): Unlocking the Hidden Talents of Children