Every child a scientist’ is a concept developed by Prof. M S Swaminathan with the objective of enhancing scientific inquisitiveness among children and attracting them towards biodiversity and environmental protection. The programme was implemented among children belonging to socially and economically weaker sections.

ECAS activities initiated in 2001, and started this programme at the Campus of CAbC. Children belonging to the socially and economically weaker sections are enrolled to the ECAS programme. We give more priority to tribal children as they are most backward in terms of economic parameters and education. The drop-out rate among them is exceptionally high. This programme is designed in such a manner that it will generate a pro-environmental attitude, create confidence and leadership skill among children, instigate curiosity to learn about nature, and make learning a joyful experience.

Major features of ECAS

  • The prime focal area of the ECAS programme is the empowerment of children, and youth, especially in the marginalized sections of society.
  • Comprehensive curriculum – dealing with biodiversity, environment, agrobiodiversity and climate change
  • Diverse pedagogical methods – Classroom lectures, project work, field visits, interaction with experts and farmers, hands-on training, debate and discussions, application of ICT etc
  • Children between the age group of 9 -16
  • ECAS programmes were conducted at (1) ECAS Hub@CAbC; (2) ECAS@selected Schools; and (3) Selected tribal Hamlets

ECAS programme strives to:

  • Impart multi-dimensional knowledge to children and youth through participatory communication
  • Address the school dropout cases among the tribal community
  • Instil confidence, and self-esteem and enhance the creativity of youth
  • Orient the children as well as youth on the significance of protecting biodiversity
  • Sensitize the youth on the need to preserve local biodiversity, ecosystem and knowledge
  • Adopt pedagogical methodologies to make learning a joyful experience


  • 1600 students have undergone structured educational activity over the years
  • 463 tribal children benefitted from ECAS activities in selected 16 tribal hamlets
  • More than ten thousand students attended various school-level awareness programmes, children science congress, and competitions
  • 10 vacation training programme-VTP (20 days long) for 388 students across Kerala over 10 years and the majority of the students who attended VTP were attracted to a science-led career
  • Increased awareness on biodiversity conservation among students
  • ECAS programmes helped to address drop out issue in intervention hamlets

Vacation Training Programme
A residential course amalgamating pro-environmental attitude, scientific temper and creative learning among school children through expert lectures, project works, laboratory works, visit to R&D institutions and field trips. (Read More)

Integrated interventions for addressing the educational backwardness of the Paniya tribes in Wayanad

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