Technology Meets Education: Smart School Program Launched at GLPS Mandat

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On March 7, 2024, GLPS Mandat inaugurated the Smart School Program to integrate technology with education to enhance students’ learning outcomes and empower teachers to facilitate classes more efficiently. The interactive classroom was inaugurated by Sreedevi Babu, Muttil Panchayat President, and Naseema Mangadan, Standing Committee for Welfare, inaugurated the activity classroom.

Mr. Afsal Muneer, President, PTA, GLPS Mandat presided over the function. Bindhu Mohanan, Standing Committee for Health and Education, conveyed her wishes to the students. The event was attended by Mr Binesh, the project manager, and Ms Gayathri Kalathil, program coordinator of the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation. Mr Binesh explained the project, and Ms Gayathri conveyed her wishes to the students. Mrs Chinnamma M. J, Head Mistress, GLPS Mandat, Mr Nabeel P., Teacher, GLPS Mandat, Mr Rajeevan, PTA Vice President, Mrs Shabrose, Teacher, Evlin Binoy, Student and Asifa Banu, Mother PTA President, spoke on the occasion.

The Smart School Program was launched in 10 government schools in Wayanad Cluster under the HDFC Bank Parivartan project. HDFC has always focused on enhancing education through Parivartan CSR pillars, and the Smart School Program is another initiative to achieve this goal—the program aimed to create a conducive learning environment equipped with modern-day advanced teaching capabilities for every student.

The LP/UP schools were supported under the program with a smart classroom, including an interactive panel, and one activity classroom to promote fun learning. Additionally, high schools were supported with a science lab facility. The program also addressed general needs such as ensuring proper school drinking water and toilet facilities.