The Students of the University of Queensland Australia Visited CAbC MSSRF

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A group of ten students and two faculty members from the University of Queensland, Australia, visited CAbC MSSRF as part of an academic exchange programme from February 4th to 10th, 2024. During their visit, they went to various project locations of CAbC MSSRF to understand the grassroots level health infrastructure, community’s perceptions, dietary habits, and health-seeking behaviours.

The team was particularly interested in the Kerala Model of Healthcare and aimed to understand the causes of health system disparity existing across communities. They visited the hamlets of different tribal communities in Wayanad and checked out the tribal-friendly primary health centre initiated by Nolpuzha Panchayath.

The students and faculties were grateful for the field visits as they helped them learn a lot from the community. They appreciated the efforts of all stakeholders in enabling an equitable public health system.