Awareness Programs Inspire Students to Prioritize Nutrition on World Food Day

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In commemoration of World Food Day, awareness programs were conducted at St: Mary’s U. P. School Moozhikulam in Ernakulam and GHSS Cheeral in Wayanad, enlightening students about the significance of food and nutrition.

At St: Mary’s U. P. School Moozhikulam, Mr Prajeesh Parameswaran, a senior scientist from MSSRF, explained the theme, purpose, history, and importance of this year’s Water is Food campaign.

Ms. Reshmi. T. A, a food nutrition expert, interacted with students and highlighted the nutritional needs for healthy child growth. Mr. Martin, PTA President, presided over the event, while Mr. Shaju Joseph, Headmaster of St: Mary’s U. P. School Moozhikulam, extended a warm welcome to the gathering. Mr. C. M Joy, Ward member of Parakkadavu Grama Panchayat, inaugurated the program, which concluded with a vote of thanks. Ajin Vincent, Prajeesh Parameswaran, Distin V. P., and M. P. Shajan coordinated the program.

In GHSS Cheeral School, World Food Day was observed with an awareness session presided over by Mr. Girigan Gopi. Dr. Anu VIswanath, Chief Consultant, and an expert in Ayurveda medicine systems at Chyavana Ayurveda Hospitals interacted with Students on the topic of food and the health of adolescents. She pointed out the diversity of native food and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet through the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as leafy greens among adolescents. Dr.Anu quoted about the significance of traditional food patterns, its health benefits and the relevance of various themes of World Food Day with reference to the present scenario of global climate change. Mr. Gopalakrishnan welcomed the session, and Mrs. Bindu Joseph, Alphin K Francis, Radha E and Mini Vijan coordinated the event. Ms.Silla CK Senior Teacher, supported the team in organizing this programme, and Ms.Soudhabi, Staff secretary proposed thanking note.

The sessions were very helpful to the students in improving their insights on the importance of food and Nutrients in our daily lives.