Sugandhagiri Coffee at World Coffee Congress 2023

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Sugandhagiri Coffee, an initiative under the MSSRF-HDFC Bank CSR program, had the opportunity to showcase its coffee products and expand its business prospects at the 2023 World Coffee Congress held in Bengaluru from September 25-28, 2023. The International Coffee Organization, in collaboration with the Coffee Board of India under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, organized the WCC, which attracted over 2,400 delegates, 117 speakers, and 208 exhibitors from 80 countries.

Sugandhagiri Coffee’s products were displayed at the Kerala Pavilion of the Department of Industries, Commerce, and Plantation, Government of Kerala. The congress offered coffee-tasting sessions, competitions, panel discussions, and other events, providing an ideal platform for Sugandhagiri Coffee to build its brand, diversify its product base and market its products.

Participating in the World Coffee Congress 2023 was a valuable opportunity for Sugandhagiri Coffee to gain exposure and expand its business prospects