Experts applaud the drinking water programme at Kuttanad

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Experts from the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India applaud the drinking water programme implemented at Kuttanadu region of Alappuzha district by M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation. The experts opined that the drinking water programme was sustainable, cost-effective and can be replicated in the other parts of the country where water availability is scanty. Scientific components of the programme were effectively demystified and reached to the end users so that availability of water for drinking and household purpose could be successfully met. Special mention was given to the awareness level and the feeling of ownership of the community towards the activities of the project. Mr Sanjay Kumar, Director, Indian Financial Service, Ministry of Home Affairs and Mr Rajeev Kumar Tank, Deputy Director Central Water Commission, Ministry of water resources, Government of India visited the project site as experts and applauded the efforts of the team.

The drinking water programme was implemented both at the household level and at the institutions level as part of the HDFC Banks Parivarthan programme and as many as 100 households and 7 institutions are the direct beneficiaries of the programme at Kuttanad. The water purification system installed could successfully filter out chemical and biological pollutants and make the water useful for drinking..