Golden jubilee Celebration of Science & Technology in Kerala

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In celebration of 50 years of Science & Technology Committee in Kerala, MSSRF Community Agro biodiversity Centre, Wayanad in collaboration with Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE) organised three lecture sessions from 23rd to 27th May 2022. To celebrate the achievements in Science & Technology over the years, the Centre made an open house for the public to visit the organisation and more than 300 citizens visited the premises and also the botanical garden including students, farmers, academicians and the general public.

To commemorate the event, Dr Shakeela V, Director, MSSRF CAbC welcomed the audience and urged the young minds to orient their life towards environment conservation. As part of the event, the first lecture was deliberated on “Biodiversity Conservation” by C S Dhanya, and around 35 school students participated in the session. She talked about threatened plant species, general threats to biodiversity and its conservation. After the session, students also visited the Botanical garden and learnt about the floral diversity in Wayanad.

Another lecture session was organized to highlight the changing climate and its effect on biodiversity and agriculture. Dr Merlin Lopus deliberated on the greenhouse effect, climate change and the effects on the ecosystem. Dr Anil Kumar, Senior Director also had an interactive session with the students on linking their discipline and to work on conservation measures and mitigating climate change effects. Around 30 students from ITI attended the session. A garden visit was also organized for the students.
Mr. Vipindas took a lecture session on sustainable nutritious diets for school students. He threw light on the importance of nutrition, balanced nutrient-rich diet and home nutrition gardens. More than 30 students attended the session followed by garden visit.
Over the period, lectures and visits oriented various students and community members towards biodiversity conservation, nutrition security and climate change.