Saved Seeds are the currency for achieving a sustainable future for agriculture: Two days Wayanad Seed Fest 2022, concludes

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Wayanad Seed Fest 2022 organised by MSSRF-CAbC, WTDAC and Seed Care concludes with exchange and exhibition of seed diversity of Wayanad. The event aimed at generating momentum on the importance of native agro biodiversity and mainstreaming it in context of climate change and pandemic situation. The two day programme held from 18-19 March concluded with discussions among farmers, scientists, academicians and other likeminded individuals to create dialogue on sustainable seed and food systems. Attaining a sustainable future of agriculture is only possible by engaging diversity in our farms and seeds exist at the centre of the process. Seeds saved today will save the generations ahead. Actions must be taken to take forward the outputs revealed at Wayanad Seed Fest 2022.

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