Honouring the saviours of agrobiodiversity! Four farmers accoladed at Wayanad Seed Fest 2022

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During the Wayanad Seed Fest, 2022 organised by Community Agrobiodiversity Centre in collaboration with Wayanad Tribal Development Action Council (WTDAC) and Seed Care, four farmers from Wayanad were awarded for their contribution in conservation of agrobiodiversity. The award has been conferred by WTDAC to encourage farming community in cultivation and conservation of native agrobiodiversity. This year, the award was presented to Mr. Suresh, Malavayal Kuruchiya Tharavad, Mr. Gopinathan, Alathoor, Mr. Anil, Noolpuzha and Mrs. Kumbamma for their remarkable efforts in the protection of crop and animal diversity with traditional management practices.

Mr. Suresh in his Kuruchiya Tharavad with 42 families in 24 acres of land has been efficiently managing the abundant upland and wetland crop diversity in the changing climatic conditions. At present, 8 traditional rice varieties, 5 spices, 4 tubers, Banana, native cow breeds, buffalo, duck and other poultry breeds are in the farm.

When it comes to Mr. Gopinathan from Alathoor, is paddy conserving seven traditional rice varieties, more than 10 vegetables, 4 tuber crops, 5 spices, pulses along with native cattle and poultry breeds and fish cultivation at his 20 acre farm. To combat with frequent drought occurrence in the region, he is also conserving the traditional water systems of Wayanad.

Mr. Anil from Noolpuzha was also awarded for his initiative in conserving the traditional rice and vegetable diversity of Wayanad amidst wildlife conflict. He is conserving 21 types of vegetables, 5tuber crops, 4 banana varieties, 2 aromatic rice varieties, native cattle and poultry breeds at his 3 acres of farm.


Mrs. Kumbamma was awarded for her efforts in conserving upland crop diversity at an advancing age. Despite the hurdles faced being a differently abled woman, Kumbamma has efficiently transformed her challenges into opportunities and is a role model for generations across all age groups. In her 2.5 acres of land, she is cultivating various types of vegetables, pepper, banana and tuber varieties

Conferring these awards is a token of acknowledgement and appreciation to the farmers and to encourage fellow farmers and community to take efforts in conserving agrobiodiversity at local level.