Celebrated 96th birthday of Professor M. S. Swaminathan by Planting 100 RET Plants

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Gear Up! GOD Trees 100!

Community Agrobiodiversity Centre Wayanad celebrated the 96th birthday of Professor M.S. Swaminathan by launching a project on rehabilitation of 100 RET plants named Grow Our Dying plants (GOD plants) 100. As an initial step 100 trees belonging to 44 species were planted today at the campus of CAbC. All the staff and student interns of the Centre joined in the planting. The planting of the “GOD” trees will be extended to other places all across the state with the support of schools, academic institutions, and suitable government departments. The Garden team of CAbC has identified 100 degraded Sacred Groves and Village forests for rehabilitating the selected 100 species within a 4 years’ period or while Prof. Swaminathan reaches his 100 years. The team is gearing up to mobilize as many people towards achieving this goal.

In a meeting held to observe the day of celebration, Dr Anil Kumar, senior director of MSSRF recalled how Professor Swaminathan thoughtfully treaded an organization of it’s kind of MSSRF. This organization was founded to spearhead a great transformation in the food production system by defending the gains of Green revolution, but also by way of regaining the environmental health through some radical changes and innovation actions, which Professor called an Evergreen revolution. When it comes to leadership, Professor Swaminathan is a fifth level leader who exhibits highly respectable humility and an indomitable will in achieving the goals, said Dr. Anil Kumar.

Dr. Shakeela director CAbC said “Community Agrobiodiversity Centre is what it is today was envisioned by Professor M.S. Swaminathan to work in partnership with the vulnerable sections of the community to find sustainable solutions for mainly food, nutrition and livelihood security issues. The function was attended by staff and well-wishers of CAbC and was organized at the Trainers Training Hall (TTC) in strict adherence to the COVID protocols set by state government authorities. In the programme a video was screened titled Harnessing Science for Sustainable Development.