Community led movement for rain monitoring system

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A webinar was organised by Community Resource Centre, Initiative of HDFC Bank -MSSRF Parivartan Programme on World Environment Day, 2021 to discuss and understand about Floods and Tidal waves caused by Climate Change.

10 rain gauges were distributed to cooperative societies, clubs and other societies to record and observed the rain with community participation. Partnering along with EQUINOCT Community Sourced Modelling Solutions, SNMIMT Engineering college, Maliankara; several dignitaries presented their ideas and spoke about the need and interventions regarding the climate emergency.

The inundation that occurs in the villages of Parakkadavu, Kunnukara, Karumalloor, Poyya, Kuzhoor, Annamanada; the tidal floods that occur in the places near the backwaters of Chendamangalam and Puthenvelikara cause severe consequences to people as well as to the agriculture, fisheries, commercial industries in Kerala. For two years, people have been suffering the brunt of these flash floods which scientists say occur due to climate changes. Understanding these conditions, a plan to manage these disasters in association with the State Disaster Management of India have been formulated. This plan, however, will work only with the support of various other stakeholders. Hence, to include these stakeholders, the webinar was conducted.

Mrs. Sherooby Stelestina (Vice President, Block Panchayat, Parakkadavu) presided the function while Mr. T.V. Pradheesh (President, Block Panchayat, Parakkadavu) inaugurated the rain gauge. Dr. C. G. Madhusoodanan (Chief executive director, EQUINOCT) spoke about floods and tidal waves caused by climate change. He noted that Ernakulam-the place where Periyar river, Chalakudy river and Manjaly stream conjoins is one of the most flood prone areas in Kerala. Hence, the disaster management plans can only be prepared if monitoring activities are carried out carefully thereby understanding the specific nature of each area. Mrs. K.R. Reshma (Head of Civil engineering department, SNMIMT, Maliankara) presented a survey of mean sea level study and tidal flood areas. Mrs. T.K. Sandhya (Executive Engineer, Major Irrigation, Ernakulam), Dr. Amritha Ajeej (Principal, SNMIMT Engineering college), Dr. M.G. Sanilkumar (HOD, Research department of Botany, SNM College), Dr. Jayraman (Managing director, EQUINOCT), Mrs. Maya Nadesan and Mr. Pradhu N (Resource persons, Community resource centre, Puthenvelikara) also participated in the discussion Dignitaries representing MS Swaminathan Research Foundation(MSSRF) were also present.