Rural Agricultural Innovators Meet, 2021

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M S Swaminathan Research Foundation together with Department of Science and Technology is organizing the “Virtual Rural Innovators Meet-2021’’ on February 2021. Farmers, Rural innovators, youth and the general public of Kerala with innovative ideas that can transform the rural agriculture sector in Kerala are invited to participate in this event. The purpose of this initiative is to identify the critical problems faced in the agricultural sector and to draw out the probable solutions to address these problems.

Rural Innovators Meet will provide a platform to a broad range of innovators to showcase their products and talk about their innovations/inventions and get an opportunity to partner with various experts and institutions working in this area through network support. Innovators could also get knowledge related to IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), marketing techniques and micro-financing. This meet will bring together the most forward innovators and technology holders to unlock new potentials in the identified areas for RIM 2021.


Interested farmers are requested to send their application along with a short description of their innovations. The potential applications will be selected after scrutiny by an expert committee formed for the screening of the innovations. The selected farmers will be provided a minimum of five minutes to present their innovations before the audience.

Innovations are invited in the following areas

Agriculture Production Sector

Innovative Crop production technologies/ Innovative local agricultural implements to reduce drudgery and improve the quality of Agri-produces, new crop varieties developed, Technologies in irrigation, nursery raising, Nutrient management

Reduction of Man –Animal conflicts

Technology developed to prevent wild animal raid in farm fields

Agriculture Waste Management

Innovative technologies developed for agricultural waste management

Value addition

Local level innovative value addition technologies


Novel agriculture techniques to improve the production of any crop, effective utilization of resources for agriculture

Post Harvesting

.Post harvesting technologies for storing, drying and resisting pest & diseases

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant should be a farmer/ student inventor from Kerala.
  • The innovative solution should be cost effective
  • The solution offered should be innovative & commercially replicable or can be scalable
  • The innovation should be a completed product or process
  • The methodology for the innovation should be measurable

The last date for online registration is 20th January 2021. For more details write to us at or call to 04936204477, 207019 or 09388020650.