Annam Oushadham -:International Day for Biological Diversity-2019

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MSSRF organized the international day for biological diversity through enriching the taste buds with plant biodiversity around us. The programme conducted on ‘Annam Oushadham ‘ with Dr Sajeev Kumar, collected the plants from our surrounding and prepared a feast along with the participants of the session.

It consisted of 12 nutritionally rich, healthy delicacies which surprised the mind and thoughts. The participants included students, the general public, researchers, scientists, community and Anganwadi representatives. The session described on the nutritional value of each delicacy. Interactive session had an active discussion on the medicinal as well as the nutritional value of the ingredients in our visibility but remain unnoticed. It’s a vision on how food is our health and biodiversity can effectively contribute to it.

The feast was rich with dishes made of hibiscus leaf, hibiscus flower, banana stem, banana leaves, ashgourd seeds, ashgourd pulp, ashgourd skin, bittergourd leaves, ginger, tamarind, cinderella weed, balloon wine plant leaves, creeping wood sorrel and cleome.