Prajeesh Parameswaran

Senior Scientist

Botanist having 15+ years of grassroot level interdisciplinary work experience as a development practitioner, focusing participatory biodiversity governance and management; has research interests in conservation of plant genetic resources, Farmers’ Rights and Intellectual Property Rights; has demonstrated capability in planning and implementing rural development programmes, linking science to society.


Peer Reviewed Blog

  • Prajeesh Parameswaran & Ishan Chauhan (2021), Nature at the Centre of Decision making: Setting Priorities for achieving Sustainable Development Goals, CAN’s Vedanam Blog, Part 1, Part 2.

Research & Activity Stories

  • Parameswaran Prajeesh (2021), Biodiversity Access and Benefit Sharing.(Click Here to Read )
  • Parameswaran Prajeesh (2021), Utilization of Genetic Resources: Encouraging Users and Providers to Direct Benefits (Click Here to Read )

Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

  • Joseph J.K., Anand D., Prajeesh P., Zacharias A, Varghese A George, Pradeepkumar A.P., Baiju K.R. (2020). Community resilience mechanism in an unexpected extreme weather event: An analysis of the Kerala floods of 2018, India. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 49, 101741.(Click Here to Read )