Binesh M.K

Junior Manager

Binesh M.K is working as Junior Manager for a CSR-supported Rural development project. His role includes project management, project development to execution, status reporting and monitoring. He is also responsible for the technical design, planning, utilization and monitoring of the ICT infrastructure of the institution.

He coordinated the Science popularization programme for the students and Engaged in Education, Communication Training Activities of the centre. Mr Binesh also served as Co. Principal Investigator for the Climate Change Education and Automated Weather station project supported by KSCSTE.

He completed graduation from Kannur University in Electronics. Before joining MSSRF he worked at Amrita University, as Project Associate in AMRITA –ISRO Village Resources Centre project. He participated in different training and workshops related to the area of ICT for development, Web-based communication tools, GIS integrated PRA tools, telecentre management etc