We can make sustainable food systems more widely available by introducing millet-based nutrition gardens in classrooms. This will help teach students about healthy eating and the importance of sustainable agriculture.

“Kuttikarshakakottam” is a project funded by NABARD that aims to promote sustainable food systems in schools across Wayanad. The project involves students and teachers and encourages the participation of other organizations, departments, and individuals who share the same goal. The project’s main objective is to educate and inspire schools towards sustainable food systems through millet-based nutrition gardens.


  • To establish ‘Kuttikarashakakottams: Children Farmer Group’ and model nutrition garden in selected 10 public schools across Wayanad district of Kerala.
  • To promote school nutrition garden models in the homesteads of school children.
  • To increase awareness on sustainable food systems (sustainable agriculture, climate action and nutritional security) among students and community through convergence among different government and non-government stakeholders
  • To educate and provide hands-on experience on agrobiodiversity conservation, sustainable farming practices and healthy food habits among students and teachers
  • To address malnutrition and mainstream healthy local food systems among the public by creating linkages among classrooms, cafeterias, farms and communities.