Place of Work: Kanthalloor Village, Idukki, Kerala

No of Vacancy : 1
Qualification: MSW with 3+ years of field experience implementing development projects, preferably in the tribal sector. Natives will be considered with priority

Job description:
The incumbent must travel to various rural areas in Kanthalloor (Idukki District, Kerala) and coordinate all the activities in implementing an Integrated Rural Development Programme. The incumbent must understand, read and write in English, Malayalam & Tamil. Knowledge of English is required as the project involves the preparation of reports, project communications, and interaction within and outside the organization. Other responsibilities include project stakeholder selection, data collection and analysis– as required by the programme, stakeholder follow-up for activities, and project impact analysis. Experience in Project planning, management, and organizing meetings, and workshops is desirable.
Remuneration: Rs35,000/ month consolidated
Type of appointment: 3 months on contract from May 2023, likely to be extended for 1 year
Send CVs by 30th April 2023 to: