The potable water from the natural sources in Kuttanad region of Kerala is known for its toxicity owing to the poor sanitation measures and waste management, indiscriminate use of agrochemicals, recurrent floods, etc. The use of such contaminated water, especially with harmful traces of bacteria like E. Coli was causing serious concerns in the region. Many kinds of water purification systems were being implemented in the region, from natural filtering units to Reverse Osmosis plants. These methods differ in their technology and the majority of such units established in the region are poorly maintained also.

It was at this juncture, Parivartan has replicated a Ground Water Purification System which was designed by an eminent Geologist of Travancore state, late Sri. Illiparambil Corah Chacko (1875–1966). This structure, installed in the middle of a rural pond at Pulinkunnu Village in Alappuzha District will allow the groundwater to pass through a few chambers and a filter media and finally come out in potable standards. More than 100 households living nearby the pond are getting benefitted out of it.

The System is very useful with respect to

1) generating potable water without any additional treatment cost

2) the durability of the concrete structure which generates 5,000 liters of potable water, a day

3) removing the physical and chemical contaminants of the groundwater

4) its usefulness during the time of recurrent floods, and

5) the cost-effectiveness in maintaining the system