Need of the intervention

Lack of quality crop saplings in the region, farmer dependency to outside markets, dwindling diversity of horticultural crops and declining area of cultivation.


  • A twenty-member farmers’ society was formed.
  • Established a nursery infrastructure with two poly houses.
  • Training offered – preparation of nursery beds, soil management, planting procedures, control of seeding density, use of fertilizers, irrigation, and pest control.
  • Established networks with line departments and consumers.


  • Saplings produced has reached to over 15 ha of land in 6 months (Pepper-10,000; Coffee-2,000 Cocoa- 1,000; other vegetables -5,000).
  • Five members of the society are getting regular employment.
  • Other members have received a profit share of Rs5,950 in 6 months.
  • A successful rural enterprising model that caters to the horticultural seed requirements of the region