The Challenge:

Ensuring the availability of balanced feed at an affordable price was a constraint to many farmers at Chendamangalam village in Ernakulam District. As a result, self-sufficiency in cattle feed production was long awaited.

The Intervention:

Kottayil Kovilakam Milk Production Society at Chendamangalam was supported with machinery including a conveyor, trolley, and 7KW generator for mixing, weighing and packing. A period of six months was spent to understand what raw materials like maze powder, calcium powder, turmeric, ginger, salt etc should be mixed in, and in what ratio to make a balanced fodder. The samples were also confirmed for its nutrient content at an accredited lab.

The Result:

The unit produces 2,000 bags of 40Kg cattle feed monthly providing an average income of Rs20,000/- to each active group member. The member-dairy farmers also get an incentive of Rs7/- per litre of milk that they provide to the Society.

The Impacts:

  • The cattle feed initiative is a model entrepreneurial unit that promotes self-sufficiency to villages in the dairy sector.
  • A model unit providing a monthly income to 5 of its members.
  • Farmers under the Society are assured with incentives from the profit share.
  • Ensured availability of locally produced, reliable, balanced feed for cattle.
  • Quality feed that guarantees increased cow milk production
  • Supply of cattle feeds crossing borders of villages.

We also assure that the animals live happily ever after!