Agrobiodiversity Essential For Food Security: World Food Day Observed at MSSRF CAbC

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A one-day program highlighting the need for agrobiodiversity for nutrition & health security was conducted at the centre on Oct 16th, 2023 to celebrate World Food Day 2023.

At the onset, Dr. Anil Kumar,Former Executive Director, MSSRF quoted, ‘Food security through the conservation of agrobiodiversity is the need of the time’. The diversity of our food basket is decreasing rapidly and at present, on an average fifteen kinds of vegetables are largely consumed by an ordinary person in a year, he added. Dr. Shakeela, Director, MSSRF mentioned that Professor M.S. Swaminathan spent his whole life for the food security of India.

Dr. A.K. Jayasree, Professor & HOD, Community Medicine, gave a keynote address at the program and addressed the importance of a balanced diet and healthy food habits. She also mentioned the composition of food plates and the role of nutrient-rich foods in the diet. Mr. M.K Pavithran (Agriculture Officer Rtd) stressed the need of sustainable practices in food production and use and application of many organic and inorganic formulations in crop management.
The programme was attended by almost 130 members from different schools, Anganwadis, farmers and college students. Mr.Joseph John made the welcome speech and Dr. Vipin Das expressed the vote of thanks for the programme.