Webinar Series from MSSBG

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M S Swaminathan Botanical Garden is proud to host our webinar series from November 28th onwards. The talks will be conducted bi-monthly on every second/fourth Saturdays. This will be a platform of knowledge sharing between researchers and the community. The programme will be inaugurated by Mr M.C. Dathan, Scientific Advisor to Chief Minister of Kerala. Other speakers in the panel are Dr Venugopal B., Honorary Director, Centre for Intangible Heritage Studies, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady and Mr V.V. Sivan, Senior Scientist, MSSBG.
While the world is curious to confirm the source of the COVID-19 pandemic, prevalent evidence are produced by researchers to portray the role of the destruction of nature in disease outbreaks. Biodiversity plays a fundamental role in maintaining the aesthetic value of the environment, the integrity of the natural environment, and promotes the overall well-being of all plant and animal life.

The conservation of biodiversity is focused to have a good balance between the environment, society, and development in line with the sustainable development goals. The present society should develop conservation strategies that meet their need without compromising that of the future generation.

For the past 30 years, MSSRF is in action for maintaining the balance between the development of the environment and society. It resulted in the achievement of various acts for biodiversity conservation. MSSBG is one among them. This Ex-situ biodiversity conservation aims to conserve the Rare, Endemic and Threatened (RET) species of Western Ghats.
We present this seminar series as part of the ‘Garden to People’ programme of MSSBG. The topics discussed in this session will address various aspects of biodiversity conservation. Each of the seminar will include sessions from external experts to deliver the global aspect of the subject and the same will be discussed by an internal expert by demonstrating the role of MSSRF in it.