Dr N.Anil Kumar

Senior Director

He was the recipient of Watson International Scholarship on Environment in 2006 and Alcoa-IUCN fellowship on conservation in 2008. His expertise is primarily in the areas of sustainable management of genetic resources and community development, which has been consulted at local, regional and national levels. He played a significant role while he was at the HQ of MSSRF at Chennai during 1992-1995 as a Training Specialist and Field Botanist in mobilizing NGOs with principles and ideas of biodiversity conservation and sustainable management. In both these positions Dr. Anil Kumar was responsible for the Saving Endangered Plant species initiative of MSSRF. His over 18 years of professional experience in conservation and sustainable genetic resource management has contributed well in up-scaling MSSRF’s Biodiversity programme. At Community Biodiversity Centre, he is directly involved in the capacity building of local institutions, policy makers, and tribal youth to undertake sustainable livelihood and poverty reduction initiatives. He holds a Ph D degree in Systematic Botany with specialization in Angiosperm Taxonomy.