Dr. C. S Chandrika

Principal Scientist

C. S. Chandrika is working at Community Agro biodiversity Centre of MSSRF since October 2011. She is currently leading the integrated tribal development initiative of the Centre. She focuses on sustainable livelihood development, food, nutrition, and health security for all the marginalized and most vulnerable tribal communities. She specializes in application of Gender theories in sustainable agricultural and rural development. C. S. Chandrika is a renowned author and public intellectual in Kerala whose interventions have been influential in the wider area of gender – society interface in the state. Her book, The History of Women’s Movements in Kerala evaluates how far individuals and institutions had helped women’s liberation in the State. She has previously taught at the Centre for Women’s Studies, Pondicherry Central University and has worked extensively in the area of gender and development with Sakhi Women’s Resource Centre, Kerala. She is having interdisciplinary academic excellence and holds two Masters degrees, M.A. in Women’s Studies and M.A in Malayalam language and literature. Her Ph.D. is related to the topic on Gender and Theatre from school of Drama, Calicut University.

Chandrika has engaged actively with the Feminist and human rights movement in Kerala during 1988 – 2008. She has earned 20 years of experience in organizing women’s endeavors in collective research, action and policy advocacy in Kerala. Since 1997 she has been involved in addressing land rights and developmental issues of Adivasis in Kerala. She has authored 10 books including research studies, collection of essays, novel, and short stories. C.S Chandrika has received several accolades, prestigious Muthukulam Parvathy Amma award in 2010, Fellowship of Kerala Sahitya Academy in 1997 and won Thoppil Ravi Foundation literary award in 2012.