Abid V.

Development Co-ordinator

Abid V. is attached to MSSSRF in the capacity of Development Co-ordinator. Mr. Abid has got a Masters degree in Agronomy (2016-18) and graduated in agriculture (2011-15) from Kerala Agriculture University, Thrissur. He is adept in the experimental cultivation methods of various field crops, pulses and tuber crops. He actively engaged in different extension programmes in agriculture such as Agro-Clinic Services, Farmers’ Training Programmes, and Site-specific recommendation of fertilizer applications for the benefit of farmers and general public. He is enough capable to conduct training programmes to farmers, students and academicians of various discipline. He has published research publications and popular articles in various national journals. He has got proficiency in languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil and his mother tongue is Malayalam.
He started his career as Agricultural Officer at Kerala State Land Use Board, Government of Kerala and acquired experiences in field activities related to the functioning of GIS and resource mapping. The GIS mapping was benefitted to the farmers and local self-governments especially Grama Panchayaths of mid districts of Kerala. The land use pattern and Land Use Mapping of the Kole Wetlands of Thrissur was worth to mention.
At present Mr Abid is attached to a project supported by an Indian donor namely ANAHA Trust and its goal is to double the income of marginal farmers’ through appropriate scientific and site-specific interventions.