The screw pine plants grow wild on the banks of rivers, canals, ponds and backwaters of Kerala and also serve as a natural fence. Screw pine craft is a traditional cottage industry in Kerala. The weaving of mats with treated screw pine leaf is one of the oldest crafts practised by women in Kerala for more than 800 years. It was started as an empowerment tool for women but later became highly popular due to its eco-friendly form of practice. Screw pine craft of Kerala has been granted GI registration in respect of mats, doormats, wall hangings, bed mats, and prayer mats.

Entry-level activity (2019-2020):
The scarcity of screw pine for craftwork and the limited marketing opportunities are the major problems faced by the artisan group. The plants were thoughtlessly destroyed from the river banks, canals, ponds and backwaters. The outburst of plastic mats in the market has also added to the situation. Any programme for the revitalization of screw pine craft needs to be manifold, starting from ensuring the raw materials to bringing innovative products to creating marketing avenues. As a first step, the Parivartan programme has distributed 5000 screw pine saplings during the project cycle (2018-2019).

The Plan for this project cycle is to:

Strengthened production systems; improved products in quality and quantity and to create a Sustainable market system