As William Wordsworth’s poem The Rainbow beautifully proposes the magnificence of children’s mind in the following stance … the child was father of the man; he never lost his childhood delight in observing nature… CAbC adores the freshness and creativity of young ignited minds of children, and to unleash their hidden potentials, has crafted Every Child a Scientist; a unique and novel programme to explore and enhance the inborn skills of children…

Every child a scientist’ is a concept developed by Prof. M S Swaminathan with the objectives of education for children in science, art and cultural aspects of biodiversity at MSSRF CAbC.

Focal Areas of ECAS

The prime focal area of ECAS programme is empowerment of children, and youth especially in the marginalized sections of society.

ECAS programme strives to:

  • Impart multi dimensional knowledge to children and youth through participatory communication
  • Address the school dropout cases among the tribal community
  • Instill confidence, self esteem and enhance creativity of youth
  • Orient the children as well as youth on the significance of protecting biodiversity
  • Sensitize the youth on the need to preserve local biodiversity, ecosystem and knowledge
  • Adopt pedagogical methodologies to make learning a joyful experience

A Garden for Every Child A Scientist

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Enhancing Knowledge Spectrum of the ‘Unprivileged’

ECAS programme adopts informal, participatory methods for imparting knowledge to children from Vth to Xth standards. The educational backwardness of Wayanad district renders children belong to the marginalized segments of the society ‘unprivileged’ when compared to their peers who belong to the main stream. Another concern in the educational turf of Wayanad is increasing school dropout cases among the tribal community. ECAS programme tries to address such issues by employing innovative strategies. 

Integrated interventions for addressing educational backwardness of the Paniya tribes in Wayanad

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